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Introduction to Induction Lighting Fixtures

Induction Lighting is unfamiliar to many people. Global is committed to better education around the topic. This page is provided to make it easier for you to build or expand your knowledge. From DOE articles to real-life application reports to robust publications by a world leader in Induction Lighting research, you will find plenty of information to satisfy you. For the novice, you many want to start with our “Induction 101” page.


Here are two reports regarding specific applications:

Car Dealership Exterior Lighting Application, 2006 by

The Coming Revolution in Lighting Practice, by

Latest USAF Lighting Guidelines for LED: Still a restricted use lighting

8.1. Prior to authorizing any LED lighting project, the base energy manager and MAJCOM electrical engineer or MAJCOM energy manager shall review and approve the calculation methods, assumptions, and resulting justification for the proposed LED lighting project.

8.2 LED lighting project approval shall be based on... a positive ROI, or if there are opportunities with a higher ROI, then the investment should not be undertaken.
Full Report >>

In many lighting applications, Global Induction Lighting will provide a higher ROI.

Research - Induction Lighting

DR. SAM BERMAN, world leader in Induction Lighting research

Dr. Sam Berman is presently Senior Scientist Emeritus at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). He was the originator and the first leader of the LBNL lighting research program. Before joining LBNL in 1977, he was professor of physics at Stanford University where he was a member of the team that founded the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Prior to joining Stanford he was a visiting scientist at the Niels Bohr Institute for Theoretical Physics and at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Dr. Berman received his PhD in physics from Caltech in 1959 where he was one of the few students of the late physicist Richard P.Feynman. Besides receiving rewards from the National Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloane Foundation, the Asia foundation and twice from the Guggenheim foundation, he was also the first recipient of the Carnot award in energy conservation given by the Dept .of Energy and the Romaine Myers award from the Illuminating Engineering Society.

He has been a consultant to IBM, Philco Ford, Mitre Corp., Compaq Computer Corp. and the Sloane Management School of MIT. He has advised major companies such as Intel and Ford on lighting issues and has served on advisory committees of other national laboratories as well as the National Academy of Sciences. He is the author of 97 scientific and technical articles in the fields of physics, engineering and lighting science.

 Among his many articles:

1. Berman, S.M., Jewett, D.L, Benson, B.R., and Law, T.M. 1997.
Despite different wall colors, vertical scotopic illuminance predicts pupil size J.IES 26 (2): 59-68.

2. Berman, S.M., Fein, G.; Jewett, D.L.; Benson, B. R.; Law, T.M. and Myers, A.W., 1996.
Luminance controlled pupil size affects word reading accuracy. JIES, 25(1): 51-59.

3. Berman ,S.M. 2000:
The coming revolution in lighting practice. Energy Users News Oct, 25,10 23-25.

 Here is a further selection of Dr. Berman's publications:

The Re-engineering of Lighting Photometery

What Is Visually Efficient Lighting

Visual Performance And Light Spectrum

New Dicoveries in the Photobiology of the Eye Affect Lighting Practice

Implications of Rod Sensitivity to Interior Lighting Practice

Pupillary Size Differences under Incandescent and High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Lighting Spectral Effect on Landolt C Performance is Enhanced by Blur and Abolished by Mydriasis

Energy Efficiency Consequences of Scotopic Sensitivity

Elementary School Study Comparing Traditional and High Colour Temperature Lighting

Spectral Diversity Revolutionizes Lighting Practice

New Discoveries in Vision Affect Lighting Practice

gilus presentations - induction lighting offers great roi, leed enabler and low environmental impact

Back to the Future

Induction Lighting Offers, Great ROI, LEED Enabler and Low Environmental ImpactD
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The Future of USAF Lighting Projects

Understanding DOE Goals and Implementing ETL 10-2
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Department of Energy News on energy efficient induction light

DOE Validates 100,000 Hour Lamp Life

DOE Studies Induction/SEL

Lumen Depreciation in Traditional Light Sources

FREE Life-Cycle Cost Program

Why Does Thermal Management Matter?

The Building Technologies Program: Opportunities for Energy and Cost Savings

Implementing Induction Lighting Solutions

Induction Lighting Economics Validation Study

Induction Lighting Feasibility Study


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