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How Induction Lighting Works

The basic technology for induction lamps is not new. Essentially, an induction lamp is an electrodeless fluorescent lamp. Without electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction to create light. The elimination of filaments and electrodes results in a lamp with an unmatched life of 100,000 hours. Simply put, a Global Induction light will outlast a 100 incandescent, five HID, five typical fluorescent, or two LED lamps. Induction lamps also produce twice as many visual lumens per watt as traditional light sources, are not degraded by heat and are instant on/off, even in 10 below zero conditions!

Based on well-known principles, Induction lamps consist of a sealed glass tube filled with an inert gas, magnets encircling the tube and a high efficient electronic circuit board (called a ballast but technically a generator) that provides power. When current is applied it induces the magnets, causing acceleration of free electrons in the inert gas, which collide with mercury atoms and excite the electrons. As the excited electrons from these atoms fall back from a higher energy state to a lower, stable level, they emit ultraviolet radiation. The UV radiation created is converted to visible light as it passes through a phosphor coating on the inside surface of the tube. The design of our Induction lamp coupled with a 95% efficient generator or ballast creates a light that allows us to replace 400W HPS or MH pulling 460 plus watts with a 200W Induction lamp that requires only 210W to operate and produces more visual lumens. A 55% energy savings!

Today, Induction’s obvious benefits make this technology what the US Department Of Energy calls,

“A market ready, cost effective solution for quick energy savings”.

solar light meterSolar Light Meter Dual Scotopic Photopic Meter

The only meter that measures today’s high Kelvin, energy efficient light sources using Dr. Sam Berman’s DOE endorsed calculations to guarantee accuracy. Ensure the accuracy of your light readings with a Solar Meter.
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global induction lighting product warranty

Global Inductiion Lighting US product warranty and return policy

Global Induction Lighting and the lighting manufacturer warrants all lamps and ballasts to be free from defective materials and workmanship, under normal and proper installation (by a qualified and licensed electrician). Global products have a warranty of 10 years or 60,000 hours, whichever occurs first, on both lamp and ballast & 100,000-hour rated lamp life from the date of invoice. This limited warranty applies to all products 40 watts and over.

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