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DOE Studies Induction Lighting / SEL

Spectrally Enhanced Lighting (SEL) has high correlated color temperature (CCT) and low energy usage. That's the very definition of Induction Lighting. And here’s what the DOE has to say about SEL:

Spectrally Enhanced Lighting  

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) conducts studies on spectrally enhanced lighting (SEL) as part of its lighting activities. Here you'll learn about spectrally enhanced lighting and find information about studies and implementation.

SEL is a simple strategy that uses existing products and technology to significantly reduce energy use from lighting in commercial buildings. This low-risk, high-return strategy can provide energy savings of more than 20-40% at no additional cost.

The concept behind SEL is that a significant amount of energy can be saved by using lamps that have less light output, but higher correlated color temperature (CCT). Lamps with higher CCT appear brighter than those with lower CCT, so the actual light output of higher CCT lamps can be decreased, while maintaining equivalent perceived brightness and visual acuity. Unlike other energy efficiency strategies, SEL is not a technology — it's a different way to quantify light that can be used with any type of lighting design to improve energy performance. Energy savings are achieved by using high performance and high CCT lamps coupled with lower ballast factor, extra efficient electronic ballasts. SEL is a market-ready, cost effective solution for quick energy savings.

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